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Solução de problemas durante a implantação de um site Drupal

We find many troubles while we are at environment development.
Recently working in a new project I observed a stranger situation: a specific view did not work in any way. I spent some time trying find a solution. This view only was displayed with admin logged. I checked all settings and I did see any problem with permissions. The interesting thing was that view had showed some times before the trouble happen, of course. I knew it was related with permissions, but everything was all right. Than I realized the probable solution was to use the function "Rebuild permissions". I accessed it in "Administer" -> "Content management" -> "Post settings". This function as own description "rebuild the permissions cache. Rebuilding will remove all privileges to posts, and replace them with permissions based on the current modules and settings." It is normal during the development and deployment modules installations and uninstallations causing permissions problems. After I used the function all things back to normal.
Then I leave this tip, Rebuild permissions must resolve some problems with content access.

Thinking in similar troubles during the deploying new drupal sites, i recomend, bellow, some links to others references: - The White Screen of Death

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